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  • Enabling Pushover Notifications on SSH Logins

    If you run servers for public services, like I do with, you definitely want to monitor them for any successful logins to user accounts (via SSH, et cetera). The way I plan to accomplish this is to set up an automatic notification to the Pushover app on my phone in the event of any login. […]

  • Securing Services with Tor and alt-svc

    Some people called for me to write a more technically detailed/in-depth guide to setting up Tor with alt-svc after we set it up on, so while I do it all over again on our Mastodon server, I figured I’d write this post! Plus, it’ll make it easier for me if I need to do this again […]

  • Creating Bootable macOS USB Installers

    If you want to install Mojave from scratch, or you need to install it regularly or on multiple Macs, using a USB installer is the way to go for an easy installation. This method requires no third-party software, just a Mac that already has macOS installed and some basic Disk Utility and Terminal usage. Erasing […]