👋 Hi, I’m Jonah

I’m a data privacy advocate currently working with Privacy Guides and Techlore.

I also occasionally post things here.

  • Self-Hosting a Shadowsocks VPN with Outline

    Outline is a suite of open-source software developed for journalists to safely access their network and the internet while traveling in countries where their activities may be monitored or censored. Despite this, the Outline platform is ideal for a wide range of users, especially less technical users, and users in censored countries like China who may […]

  • Enabling Pushover Notifications on SSH Logins

    If you run servers for public services, like I do with privacytools.io, you definitely want to monitor them for any successful logins to user accounts (via SSH, et cetera). The way I plan to accomplish this is to set up an automatic notification to the Pushover app on my phone in the event of any login. […]

  • Securing Services with Tor and alt-svc

    Some people called for me to write a more technically detailed/in-depth guide to setting up Tor with alt-svc after we set it up on privacytools.io, so while I do it all over again on our Mastodon server, I figured I’d write this post! Plus, it’ll make it easier for me if I need to do this again […]

  • Creating Bootable macOS USB Installers

    If you want to install Mojave from scratch, or you need to install it regularly or on multiple Macs, using a USB installer is the way to go for an easy installation. This method requires no third-party software, just a Mac that already has macOS installed and some basic Disk Utility and Terminal usage. Erasing […]

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